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Creating a Galaxy of Wonder: Space-themed Nursery Decor Ideas

by Cynthia Bass
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Creating a Galaxy of Wonder: Space-themed Nursery Decor Ideas


Are you searching for an out-of-this-world idea to create an impressive nursery for your little one? A space-themed nursery can be the perfect way to combine an educational theme with fun and imagination for your child. From glowing stars on the ceiling to rocket-shaped bookshelves, there are countless ways to create a galaxy of wonder in your baby’s room. Read on for some fantastic space-themed nursery decor ideas to inspire your inner astronaut.

Wall Decorations and Murals

The walls of a space-themed nursery are an excellent location to display the vastness of space. A mural with drifting astronauts, planets, and galaxies creates immersive visual stimulation for your child.

You could consider a feature wall painted in deep navy blue for the “sky,” sprinkled with glowing, twinkling stars on the ceiling. The addition of a bright constellation feature wall is a perfect addition to any little stargazer’s room.


Space-inspired furniture is a great way to add depth of the galaxy, and there is no shortage of creativity here. An excellent addition could be a rocket-shaped bookshelf that allows your child to store their favorite bedtime stories, A model rocket table, and rocket-shaped chairs.

A comfortable and plush rug in the shape of a planet or star is a good flooring option to complete the room’s theme.

Lighting and Accessories

Adding a space-themed lamp can illuminate the room in an exciting way, and with such peculiar lighting, your child’s space-themed nursery will always appear whimsical. The addition of neon lights adds a futuristic essence to space-themed rooms and can be a perfect addition to your baby’s night-time routine.

Accessories such as telescopes, glow in the dark stars, and spaceships lend themselves well to a space-themed bedroom, and the addition of a NASA helmet can add an extra touch of authenticity to your little astronaut’s space helmet.

Colors and Textures

When it comes to a space-themed room, a little creativity can go a long way. To cultivate a visually appealing and educationally sound room, it’s about things that remind your little ones of planets and stars. Although black, navy, and deep blue are widely used colors for a space-themed bedroom, you may also opt for a pale or bright blue to evoke the illusion of a bright sky. A cosmic print fabric on your baby’s walls can give them an out-of-this-world feeling and texture in the nursery.

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In conclusion, creating your little one’s dream bedroom filled with constellations and galaxies is easy with some creativity and inspiration. Pick and choose from decor ideas we’ve mentioned to inspire you, or design your space-inspired bedroom. By working on this project together as a team, you and your child will enjoy a room full of discovery and imagination.


Some must-have decor items are rocket-shaped bookshelves, mural paintings of space with glowing stars, planet-shaped rugs, and space-themed lamps.

  • What are some colors that are found in a space-themed nursery?

The colors used in a space-themed nursery should typically be navy blue, black, deep blue, and bright blue to represent the sky and cosmic objects.

  • What accessories work well in a space-themed nursery?

Accessories such as telescopes, glow in the dark stars, and spaceships complement a space-inspired bedroom. The addition of a NASA helmet could also add an extra touch of realism to your little one’s room.

  • How do I create a space-themed mural on my nursery walls?

Creating a space-themed mural in your nursery could be done with a professional hand or a great DIY artist with creativity and skill. Either way, it’ll create an immersive experience for your little one.

  • What types of space-inspired furniture can be featured in a nursery?

Features such as a rocket-shaped bookshelf, a model rocket table, or rocket-shaped chairs would complement any nursery with a space theme.

  • How can I incorporate bursts of color into a predominantly blue space-themed nursery?

You could try adding a cosmic print fabric for the bedding, curtains, or on the walls to create different color variations throughout the nursery to create contrast and uniqueness to your baby’s room.

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