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10 Adorable Baby Girl Nursery Themes for Your Little Princess

by Laurie Salamone
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baby girl nursery themes
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10 Adorable Baby Girl Nursery Themes for Your Little Princess

Expecting a baby girl is a joyous occasion for any parent. As parents, it’s essential to make sure that your little princess has a cozy and welcoming nursery to come home to. Decorating your baby girl’s nursery can be a challenging task, but with the right ideas and guidance, it can be an enjoyable experience. In this article, we’ll explore ten of the most adorable baby girl nursery themes that you could use to decorate your baby girl’s room. Let’s get started!

1. Princess Theme

What better way to welcome your little princess than to decorate her nursery with a princess theme? This theme is timeless and easy to create. You can use pastel pink and purple as the primary colors for the room and add gold accents to complete the look. Adding a canopy to the crib and a crown above the crib will make your little princess feel like true royalty.

2. Floral Theme

Flower power never goes out of style! A floral-themed nursery is perfect for your little girl, and you can create it by using floral wallpaper, bedding, and curtains. Add a floral mobile to the crib and place potted flowers on a shelf to brighten up the room and add a touch of nature.

3. Animal Theme

Bring the animal kingdom into your baby girl’s nursery by using an animal theme. You can use prints of animals such as flamingos, zebras, or elephants as a wallpaper or accent wall. Adding animal plushies such as giraffes or pandas will give the nursery a cozy feel while making it fun and adventurous for your little one.

4. Mermaid Theme

If your little girl loves to swim and wishes to be a mermaid, then a mermaid theme would be the perfect fit for her nursery. Use shades of blue and teal for the walls and add mermaid-inspired decor such as shells, starfish, and mermaid tail blankets. You can also add a mermaid mobile above the crib, which will look beautiful and soothing.

5. Bohemian Theme

A bohemian-themed nursery is perfect for parents who want a unique and unconventional look for their baby girl’s nursery. The bohemian style is all about creating a relaxed and soothing atmosphere, which is ideal for a nursery. Use earthy tones such as beige and brown, and add dreamcatchers, macramé wall hangings, and woven rattan baskets for storage.

baby girl nursery themes
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6. Vintage Theme

Bringing a touch of vintage to your baby girl’s nursery is an excellent way to create a cozy and nostalgic environment. You can use vintage-inspired wallpaper, rugs, and curtains, and add antique furniture such as a vintage dresser or rocking chair. Using a vintage glass chandelier as a centerpiece will give the room a classic look.

7. Fairy Tale Theme

Creating a fairy tale-themed nursery is perfect for parents who want to create a magical and enchanting environment for their little girl. You could use a mural of a castle or a forest as the backdrop for the room and use colors such as lavender, pink, and blue. Add fairy tale-inspired decor such as a unicorn plushie and a magic wand for your little princess.

8. Watercolor Theme

A watercolor-themed nursery is perfect for parents who love art and want to create an inspiring environment for their little girl. Use soft and pastel colors such as light pink, blue, and yellow and create watercolor murals on the walls. Adding watercolor-inspired furniture such as a dresser or a table will complete the look.

9. Nautical Theme

A nautical-themed nursery is perfect for little girls who love the beach and the sea. Use shades of navy blue and red for the walls and add nautical-inspired decor such as a sailboat mobile and anchor-shaped bookends. Adding a rope rug or an oar wall decor will give the room a nautical feel.

10. Woodland Theme

A woodland-themed nursery is perfect for parents who love nature and want a cozy and rustic environment for their little girl. Use forest-inspired wallpaper, bedding, and curtains, and add woodland-themed decor such as animal plushies and wooden toys. Adding a tree branch mobile above the crib will complete the look.


Decorating your baby girl’s nursery is an exceptional experience that can be both fun and challenging. The themes mentioned in this article are just a starting point for your imagination to create the perfect room for your little princess. Remember, keeping the room cozy, welcoming, and age-appropriate is essential. Use these tips as a guide to create the perfect space for your little girl.


  • 1. How early should I start decorating my baby girl’s nursery?

The earlier, the better. You can start decorating your baby girl’s nursery as soon as you know the gender of your baby.

  • 2. How can I make my baby girl’s nursery cozy and welcoming?

You can use soft and pastel colors, add plushies and throw pillows for comfort, and add a soft rug or carpet to make the nursery a cozy and comfortable space for your little one.

  • 3. Can I mix and match different themes for my baby girl’s nursery?

Yes, you can mix and match different themes to create a unique and personalized space for your baby girl.

  • 4. How can I make the nursery age-appropriate?

Use age-appropriate decor and furniture such as cribs, changing tables, and toys. Avoid any items that could pose a safety hazard to your little one.

  • 5. How can I incorporate storage into my baby girl’s nursery?

You can use bookshelves, baskets, and storage bins to keep the room organized and clutter-free.

  • 6. How important is natural lighting for a baby girl’s nursery?

Natural lighting is crucial, as it can affect your baby’s sleep pattern and mood. Make sure to choose window treatments that allow natural light in while providing privacy for your little one.

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