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10 Genius Nursery Closet Hacks Every Parent Needs to Know!

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10 Genius Nursery Closet Hacks Every Parent Needs to Know!

If you are preparing to welcome a new addition to your family, congratulations! Nursery preparation is such an exciting time, filled with hope, anticipation, and a whole lot of planning. One of the essential parts of creating a cozy and functional baby room is organizing the closet space. Baby’s clothes, shoes, blankets, and toys can easily get disorganized and cluttered if not placed carefully. In this article, we have compiled ten genius nursery closet hacks that every parent needs to know!

1. Label Everything in the Nursery Closet

If you want to keep your baby’s clothes and toys organized, labeling everything in the closet is a must. It is easy to mix up or forget what you have stored, especially when you are sleep-deprived. By labeling each section, you can quickly locate what you need, and it also encourages family members to keep things neat and tidy. You can use labels, tags, or even a label maker to create a uniform look.

1.1 Sorting by Age

Sorting clothes by age is an excellent way to prevent accidental mixing of your baby’s clothes that don’t fit him/her anymore. Make separate piles for 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, and so on. This way, you’ll always have the right size of clothes for your baby.

1.2 Sorting by Season

Another way to make closet organization easier is to sort clothes by season. For example, keep warmer clothing for winter and lighter clothes for summer in separate sections. This way, you’ll save time and know exactly where to look for the appropriate clothing when necessary.

2. Use Hanging Shelves

A hanging organizer is a great way to add extra storage space in a nursery closet. It is especially useful for storing shoes, onesies, and other small baby items. Consider using a hanging organizer to store frequently used items, such as diapers, wipes, and lotions. You can also use them to store items based on their size or age.

2.1 Hassle-Free Access

If you want to make sure that everything is within reach, use a hanging organizer with pockets. This way, you can store many small items, and they will all be easy to locate.

2.2 Portable Hanging Shelves

Portable hanging shelves are perfect for families who are constantly on the go. They are easy to set up and hang in any room, and they can keep everything organized in one secure place.

3. Install Closet Dividers

Another way to keep things organized in a nursery closet is to use closet dividers. These are perfect for separating clothes by size or age and will prevent your clothes from getting mixed up. Closet dividers are easy to make yourself, or you can purchase them inexpensively from a store.

3.1 DIY Closet Dividers

To make your closet dividers, all you need are large foam circles, a pen, some scissors, and a glue gun. Mark each circle with the appropriate age or size range and glue the circle to the hanger.

3.2 Store Bought Closet Dividers

Store-bought closet dividers are available in different sizes and colors. You can choose the ones that match your nursery theme or aesthetic.

4. Add a Hamper

Adding a hamper is great for separating dirty clothes from the clean ones. You can use a small mesh bag for collecting dirty clothes in the hamper. This way, when it’s time to do laundry, you can grab the bag, slip in the machine and avoid the need for handwashing.

5. Utilize Under-Shelf Baskets

Under-shelf baskets provide an additional storage space by using the area above the closet rod. They are perfect for storing small items and accessories that you don’t want to lose track, including hats, socks, and bibs. Additionally, they help to optimize the closet space by making use of otherwise unused areas.

6. Use Non-Slip Hangers

Using non-slip hangers will prevent your baby’s clothes from slipping off and bring order to your closet. They come in different materials such as velvet and rubber-designed to keep clothes in place. Non-slip hangers will also prevent clothes from wrinkling and maintain their shape.

7. Make Use of Door Space

A lot of valuable space in the closet is often ignored, such as door space. Installing an over-the-door organizer or hooks behind the door provides additional space to store items within easy reach. You can use these to store extra blankets, burp cloths, wipes, or toys.

8. Store Clothing Vertically

Instead of piling clothes horizontally, you can store them vertically to save space and make it easier to access clothes that are rarely used. You can use organizers designated for vertical storage or stacked bins.

9. Use Uniform Hangers

Using uniform hangers provides a sleek and organized look to your closet. They also help to create more space and make the closet look more appealing. When you use different hangers for different clothes, you also run the risk of clothes slipping or getting tangled with one another.

10. Utilize The Floor Space

Maximize floor space by storing bulkier items such as blankets and pillows in a basket. You can even use the basket as a diaper changing station. Alternatively, you can store items in stackable bins or on a rolling cart.

In conclusion, organizing a nursery closet is an essential yet challenging task. Once you install these ten genius nursery closet hacks, you’ll be able to keep things organized and clutter-free. When all items are easy to locate, it makes your parenting journey much more comfortable. We hope you found our tips and tricks useful!


Q1. Do I need to buy expensive closet dividers?

No, you don’t need to buy expensive closet dividers. You can make DIY dividers using foam circles and other materials available in the house.

Q2. Can I use curtain rods to hang hangers from?

Yes, you can use curtain rods to hang hangers from as they are sturdy and hold clothes well.

Q3. Can I hang clothes outside of the closet?

Of course! If you have beautiful clothing that’s currently in-season, and you need to remind yourself to use them, you can hang articles of clothing in plain sight outside of the closet as a reminder.

Q4. Can I use a hanging shoe organizer for other items too?

Yes, you can use a hanging shoe organizer for other items such as swimsuits, hats, bibs, and diapers.

Q5. What’s the best type of hamper to get for a baby’s nursery?

The best type of hamper to get for a baby’s nursery is one that is light, easy to clean, and has a lid to prevent odors and leaks.

Q6. Can I add an extra rod to my nursery closet?

Yes, you can add an extra rod to your nursery closet by purchasing a closet rod extender or installing a simple tension rod in your closet.

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