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Drive into Dreamland with These Vintage Car Nursery Themes!

by Cecilia Moran
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Drive into Dreamland with These Vintage Car Nursery Themes!

The Fascination of Vintage Cars

From the old-fashioned curves of a classic Cadillac to the sleek lines of a vintage Aston Martin, there’s something undeniably captivating about vintage cars. These timeless beauties hold a special place in the hearts of car enthusiasts and collectors alike. Their nostalgic charm and elegance make them the perfect inspiration for a unique and enchanting nursery theme.

Creating a Vintage Car Nursery

Designing a nursery that embraces the vintage car theme requires careful planning and attention to detail. By incorporating various elements that pay homage to classic automobiles, you can create a space that captures the essence of a bygone era. Here are some ideas to help you drive into dreamland with these vintage car nursery themes:

1. Classic Car Wall Art

Start by selecting eye-catching wall art that showcases classic cars. Look for vintage-inspired prints or paintings that depict iconic vehicles from different eras. Frame them in ornate, vintage-style frames to enhance the overall aesthetic of the nursery.

2. Vintage Car Mobile

Add a touch of whimsy to the nursery with a vintage car mobile hanging above the crib. Handcrafted wooden cars in retro colors, suspended from threads, can gently sway and captivate your little one’s attention. This charming addition will surely spark their imagination.

3. Racing Stripes Accent Wall

For a bold statement, consider painting one wall with racing stripes. Choose contrasting colors that complement the overall color scheme of the nursery. The racing stripes will add a playful touch while evoking the excitement of vintage car races.

4. Tire-Shaped Rugs

Add a touch of authenticity with tire-shaped rugs placed strategically around the nursery. These unique rugs not only provide a soft surface for your little one to play on but also enhance the vintage car theme. Opt for rugs with tread patterns for an added realistic feel.

5. Vintage Car Shelf Display

Showcase miniature vintage car models on a dedicated shelf. Arrange them in an organized manner, creating a visually appealing display. Look for die-cast models or tiny replicas of classic car favorites. This display will serve as a conversation starter and add a nostalgic touch to the nursery.

vintage car nursery
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6. Checkered Flag Curtains

Add a touch of racing nostalgia with checkered flag curtains. These curtains can be a subtle yet significant addition to the nursery decor. The black and white pattern will effortlessly tie in with the vintage car theme, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the space.

7. Vintage Car Crib Bedding

Choose crib bedding that features vintage car motifs. Look for patterns that incorporate classic car silhouettes or retro car prints. The crib will instantly become the focal point of the nursery, with its charming and nostalgic design.

8. Traffic Sign Wall Decals

Add a playful touch to the nursery walls with traffic sign wall decals. These easy-to-apply stickers can be arranged creatively to create a mini street scene. Your little one will love identifying the different signs and pretend-play as a miniature driver.

9. Vintage Car Bookshelf

Transform an ordinary bookshelf into a vintage car-inspired display. Paint it in a vintage hue, such as pastel blue or creamy white, and add small car-related trinkets and accessories as decorative accents. This functional yet stylish update will tie in with the nursery theme effortlessly.

10. Vintage Car Lamp

Illuminate the nursery with a vintage car-themed lamp. Look for lamps that feature vintage car-shaped bases or lampshades adorned with classic car prints. This unique lighting fixture will provide a warm and cozy ambiance while tying in with the overall theme.

11. Vintage Car Wallpaper

For a more immersive vintage car experience, consider wallpapering one wall with a vintage car-themed pattern. Look for designs that depict classic cars cruising along scenic routes or retro car advertisements. This feature wall will instantly transport you and your little one to a different era.

12. Race Track Play Mat

Encourage imaginative play with a race track play mat. These mats feature printed race tracks and can be easily rolled out on the floor. Your little one can drive their favorite toy cars along the tracks, creating endless hours of entertainment and fostering their creativity.

13. Vintage Car Wall Clock

Showcase a vintage car-inspired wall clock as a functional and decorative piece. Look for clocks with designs reminiscent of classic car dashboards or steering wheels. This unique timepiece will add a touch of sophistication to the nursery while maintaining the vintage car theme.

14. Car-shaped Shelves

Add car-shaped shelves to the nursery walls to display small toys or baby essentials. These whimsical shelves come in various vintage car designs and can serve as both storage and decorative elements. Your little one will love the playful touch they bring to the nursery.

15. Vintage Car Upholstery

If you’re opting for a vintage-inspired rocking chair or glider in the nursery, consider upholstery that features classic car fabric patterns. This customization will tie in the vintage car theme seamlessly and add a touch of elegance to the seating area.

16. Vintage Car Wall Hooks

Hang vintage car-themed wall hooks to add functional and decorative elements to the nursery walls. Choose hooks shaped like classic car handles or car parts to enhance the overall design. These hooks can be used to hang clothes, hats, or small toys.

17. Gas Pump Toy Storage

Add a playful storage solution to the nursery with a gas pump-shaped toy storage unit. These unique storage pieces resemble vintage gas pumps and provide a whimsical touch to the space. They are perfect for storing toys or baby blankets in a stylish and practical way.

18. Vintage Car Wall Border

An alternative to wallpaper, consider using a vintage car-themed wall border to add visual interest to the nursery walls. Look for borders that depict retro car patterns or scenes from classic car races. This easy-to-install feature will instantly transform the nursery.

19. Vintage Car Art Canvas

Opt for vintage car art printed on canvas to add a touch of sophistication to the nursery walls. Look for minimalist designs that portray classic cars in a modern yet vintage-inspired way. This artwork will serve as a conversation piece and elevate the overall aesthetic of the nursery.

20. Vintage Car Ceiling Fan

Complete the vintage car nursery theme with a ceiling fan that features vintage car-inspired blades. Look for fan blades shaped like classic car wheels or adorned with retro car prints. This functional and decorative addition will keep the nursery cool while adding a nostalgic touch to the space.


Designing a vintage car-themed nursery allows you to create a mesmerizing space that captures the essence of timeless automobiles. By carefully selecting decor pieces, incorporating unique elements, and paying attention to detail, you can transform the nursery into a dreamland for your little one. Embrace the classic elegance and nostalgic charm of vintage cars, and watch as your nursery becomes a sanctuary that drives your baby’s imagination to new heights.


1. Can I incorporate modern elements into a vintage car nursery theme?

Yes, you can balance the vintage car theme with modern elements to create a unique blend of styles. Consider adding contemporary furniture or incorporating subtle touches of modern design to enhance the overall aesthetic.

2. Where can I find vintage car-themed nursery decor?

You can find vintage car-themed nursery decor at specialty baby stores, online marketplaces, or through independent artists and designers. Look for items that embrace the retro charm of classic automobiles.

3. How can I ensure the safety of vintage car-inspired nursery decor?

When selecting decor items for your nursery, ensure that they meet safety standards and guidelines. Choose materials that are non-toxic and free from small parts or sharp edges that could pose a risk to your child.

4. Can I personalize the vintage car nursery theme?

Absolutely! Personalize the vintage car nursery theme by adding custom touches. Consider incorporating family photos or heirlooms, showcasing your own love for vintage cars, and creating a space that holds sentimental value for you and your child.

5. How can I maintain a cohesive color scheme in a vintage car nursery?

To maintain a cohesive color scheme, choose a palette that complements vintage car hues. Opt for soft pastels, warm neutrals, or shades of primary colors commonly found in classic cars. Use these colors throughout the nursery to tie the theme together.

6. Can I transition the vintage car nursery theme as my child grows?

Yes, the vintage car nursery theme can evolve with your child. As they grow older, you can update the decor with age-appropriate vintage car elements, such as adding a vintage car-themed desk or shelving unit. This allows the space to adapt to your child’s changing interests while maintaining the overall theme.

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